Moving Out Of Lockdown

Changes from 19 July 2021

On 17 March 2020, Chelmsford Dance Centre closed its doors as the country prepared to go into lockdown. Literally, everything we knew was thrown in the air. How could we continue without being able to go to the studio or mix with people?

We were in a total state of shock, overnight our entire way of working changed. It took us a few days to figure out if and how we could continue, but we came out fighting and continue we did with a totally new way of teaching and administrating.

Looking back now it was a very scary time. We are so proud of how our amazing teaching team and our fabulous clients embraced the challenges head-on with courage, and in our true CDC-style bags of laughter – remember the toilet roll challenge?!

As we step tentatively towards normality, we are preparing here at CDC by taking a complete overview of our classes, private lessons, and administration.

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and this has proved so true of our business over the past 14 months. Everything has had to change, lessons, classes, exams, payment methods, and so on.

We want to learn from this change and move forward into our new ‘normal’ taking with it lessons we have learned from our enforced change.

We have taken a good look at our classes, also our private lessons, and the entire administration of CDC. We have listened to feedback from clients, parents and possibly most importantly from Lucy, Hannah, Ashley, Pat and Courtney and the rest of the team.

Below are our plans for moving forward, they will come into effect from 19 July 2021


Temperature Checks

As a precaution, These will continue to be done.


Hand Sanitising

Please continue to use the hand sanitiser as a courtesy.


You are now free to dance with your dancing partners if you are happy to do so!  However, please be aware that some staff may prefer to keep a safe distance during the current "ping-deminc", especially those that have not yet been double vaccinated.  We know you will appreciate and accept their personal decision to ensure their safety, and that of their family as things "return" to normal.

Private lessons

One of the things that has been raised is the change in the length of private lessons. The feedback from our teaching team is that the 20 minute and 50-minute lessons work much better. The teachers are more focused on the clients dancing needs as they have had a moment between clients to prepare. It gives them a chance to have a drink and keep hydrated or take a comfort break. They feel they come to your lesson fully prepared and ready to go instead of rushing from one client to the next.

The feedback from our clients is that they receive a full lesson, without having to waste time at the reception to pay and/or arrange lesson times.

Taking all this into account from 19 July 2021 our new lesson times will be extended to 25 minutes and 55 minutes. Fingers crossed as we move forward, we will no longer have to clean between each client  You will also be welcome once again to arrive a little early for lessons and start to warm up or practise and be fully ready for the prompt start of the lesson.


Also, from 19 July, you may if you wish bring a friend or spectator to your private lesson.

Children’s Classes

It is felt that as, amazingly, the numbers on our children’s classes have grown (we now have well over a hundred on our classes throughout the week) that two classes are better than one huge one for each age group.

As hopefully restrictions will become a thing of the past, we will no longer have to clean the studio between classes, we are therefore delighted to say that we are extending the length of the classes to 1 hour each at no extra cost.

This will mean a slight jiggle to the times of the classes by 15 minutes and our new schedule from 19 July 2021 will be as follows.

9.15 am Peanut A will be 9.00 am

10.15 am Peanut B will be 10.00 am

11.15 am Rockers A will be 11.00 am

12.15am Rockers B will be 12.00pm

It also means the return of our tuckshop which we feel is an especially important part. The children love being able to choose and pay for their sweets and soft drinks. The additional time will also allow for more social interaction too, something that they have had to miss out on for the past 14 months.

As we have said previously, being forced to alter our entire running of lessons and classes has forced us to try new things that we may not have had the confidence to do before. We are keen to take as many positives from the last 14 months as possible.

One of the things that has become apparent after speaking with Hannah, Lucy and Courtney is that (and you may not be happy with this!) the children are far more focused when parents are not sitting in on classes. We have seen a tremendous improvement in the standard of their dancing. Therefore, the teachers have requested that we maintain a parent-free zone for Saturday mornings. (I can feel you shouting at me through the screen!)

We are a very friendly school, and as we always say, we are a dance family and we do not want to lose that feeling, but we also want the children to get the best from their class and for you to get real value for money.

We also know how you love to see your children dance, so we are going to have a parent’s week every month so you can come in and watch and see what they have been learning, and I am sure you will have guessed it will probably tie in with our bacon roll morning or some such event, let’s just hope it’s not on wild hair week!!

This will not apply to private lessons when you will be more than welcome to come and watch.

The monthly subscription to the classes will remain the same.


To ensure our teachers were able to social distance and remain safe, we introduced our automated payment system. This has been a huge success. No more worrying about remembering to pay for exams etc. Therefore, our automated system is here to stay. This means hassle-free payment for clients and our teaching team can focus on teaching and not being cashiers!

After much discussion with the teaching team, we feel that these changes will enable us to give consistently high standards of teaching and better value for your money.

We would also like to let you know that despite significantly increased costs to the business, we will have a price freeze for the remainder of 2021. In fact, our last price increase was 2019.


As always, if you are unsure about anything - please get in touch.