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Running Order - Saturday 10 July

Running Order - Sunday 11 July

Congratulations For Making It Into The Live Event!

The CDC studio will be available to you for use on both the Saturday (from 1300) and Sunday (from 0900), or if you prefer you can also do your live performance from your own house, garden or anywhere you wish!

Please remember that each competitor will need a person with a logged on device to film their performance when requested by the organisers, so make sure you bring a phone with you that is fully charged, as well as a person to film you.

We have arranged for the event to be screened on our studio TV, so you can follow the proceedings.

Your family and supporters can also follow the event and watch you dancing on DSI-TV (

Please read and make sure you are acquainted with the following information from the organiser's live team:-

Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th July 2021

Information for Teachers and Competitors

TEACHERS - Please forward or inform your pupils what they should expect to

This is the first NATD Online Festival of Dance running over the weekend of
10th & 11th July 2021. It aim is to provide, with everyone complying with their
own COVID restrictions of each individual country and local authority, the
opportunity to dance once again in a “live” online dance event.

This will be held via the Zoom platform and go out “live” just like a normal
competition but with each person/team dancing in their own safe space. Judges
will include many famous Adjudicators with the competitors hearing that
fabulous music through their devices. The competitions will be as per a real live
event in the Ballroom with everyone as per an event, competition dressed,
hair and make up, (if they wish) with their number (which is sent via a
download) and a full daily schedule making the experience so different.

There are many events to check in and dance, how do we do that?

For Teachers - Your pupils have been requested to supply an email address - this is
required so that from this system we can send you a new number card via the
download, and also a running order of events - there is not a timetable only a running
order as there may be connection issues. The device the email is linked to is used to
follow the dancer around the room - if you are working the event from your studio
can we suggest you apply to for a free log in so you can run
your music through it. Please give us enough time to send it . If you have more than
one in an event then a device follows each person around the room ( we put the
number on each screen) and it is strongly advised to ask for another log in for the
music as out of some devices there may be a delay. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE

For Competitors - You will be sent two emails - one from the Blackpool Winter
Gardens zoom platform and another from enter2dance. The zoom link you use to log
into and the enter2dance one for the number card - which you can print off if you
wish and also a running order. The device should follow you around and if you are
dancing on your own in the heat you can use for music. Your teacher may wish to
request a free log in to channel the music through their system. The number appears
on the screen anyway as each person has their own screen - ( you cannot dance two
people on one screen ) If there are problems with connection we may ask for another
device so please do not worry , its all in hand and we can change things. You then
dance and everything is as if its all a normal competition without any need for floor

Do I provide my own music?
Of course not. The music and the comperes voice will come through your device.
If you close your eyes, you could be in the Ballroom.

Will there be prize presentations?
Yes, these will be presented at the end of each session. Everyone that enters will
receive a special on line certificate of attendance and the finalists, certificates
and some special prizes from the numerous sponsors.

To recap -
Teachers may request a log in for their music system

Competitors that have qualified will be sent two emails - one with a log in and one
with a running order - Please not not expect this until 24 hours before your events.


Please contact if any problems after close of business at the
NATD office on Friday - please direct any issues before then directly to the office


You need to log in to get set up as follows -

SATURDAY (Adult) - Log in 1.00pm - Start Ballroom 2.00pm followed by Latin

SUNDAY (Children)- Log in 9.00am - Start Ballroom 10.00am followed by Latin


Phil & Zara