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Courtney Payne
Cover Teacher

Courtney began her dancing journey at the young age of 8, where she developed a strong passion for ballroom and Latin dancing. Within just two years, at the age of 10, she was representing England in numerous world championships and was also a part of the British team.

With a plethora of titles under her belt, Courtney made the bold decision to move to Italy at the age of 13, in order to pursue her dancing career with the guidance of exceptional teachers and coaches. By the time she turned 20, she had returned to her homeland and decided to impart her knowledge onto her students by embarking on a teaching career.

Currently, Courtney is busy looking after her two young daughters, but she still takes time out of her schedule to assist at the studio as a cover teacher whenever the regular staff are on vacation.

To get in touch with Courtney, you can send an email to

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