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Andrei Toader & Mia Linnik-Holden
Guest Dance Coaches


Andrei Toader and Mia Linnik-Holden are two of the most accomplished and renowned Ballroom dancers in the world. They are British, UK, and World Ballroom Champions, and have won countless other accolades and awards in their illustrious careers.


Their passion for Ballroom dancing began at an early age, and both Andrei and Mia have trained extensively and honed their skills to become world-class dancers. They have performed and competed in some of the biggest stages and events around the globe, leaving audiences spellbound with their impeccable technique, artistry, and grace.


As guest teachers at the Chelmsford Dance Centre, Andrei and Mia are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and expertise with the next generation of dancers. They bring a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of Ballroom dancing to their classes, helping aspiring dancers to develop their skills and reach their full potential.


Andrei and Mia's teaching style is both engaging and inspiring, and they are committed to helping their students achieve their goals, whether they are beginners or seasoned dancers. They provide individualized attention and guidance to each student, ensuring that they receive the support they need to progress and succeed.


With their expertise, passion, and dedication to the art of Ballroom dancing, Andrei Toader and Mia Linnik-Holden are sure to inspire and motivate dancers of all levels. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to learn from two of the best in the business at the Chelmsford Dance Centre.

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