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As you may be aware, tickets are now sold out for The Rayleigh Festival. As previously mentioned, since Covid this is almost a regular problem with so many dance schools having closed their doors and dance events and competitions also having closed down.

It will take a few years for things to stabilise again to ensure events are back in the calendar as they used to be with ample opportunities for all.

As you know, the Chelmsford Dance Centre is at the forefront of this evolution and development, and whilst we are doing all we can for the greater dance industry, sadly many dance schools and organisations do not always share our thirst for long-term forward planning and are often still working hand-to-mouth in respect of date planning and event organisation.

Here at CDC our pupils are, thankfully, very much protected from this situation, as our calendar is usually organised 12 months ahead and well published on our website.  However, occasionally it does have an effect in-house with The Rayleigh Festival, the ABD Tilbury Competition and last year’s Dancerama being classic examples.

Please rest assured that we are doing all we can to accommodate whilst making sure that capacity-wise you remain safe.

Needless to say we are working constantly to come up with new and innovative ideas to allow more people to attend events – and you would expect nothing less of us!

In the meantime, please try as much as possible to place orders for tickers and entries early to avoid disappointment.  Please remember our website is the go-to place for all information with helpful reminders being sent in the weekly roundup.  If you have any queries please email us at where one of the team will be able to help you.

Thank you for your understanding. The dance-industry will catch up!

Worried about being able to get to the studio for your Private Lesson?  
We can switch the lesson to Zoom for you at no extra cost.  Please let us know if you need this service, and then log in below just before your lesson.

Adult Team Class Click Here.jpg

Adult Team Class
Sunday 26 March

Dress Day Picture Only.jpg

Dance Dress Sale
Saturday 1 April

Parents Morning April 2023 Fancy Dress.jpg
Childrens Easter Party.jpg

Peanuts & Rockers Easter Party
Saturday 8 April

Adult Easter Buffet Dance 2023.jpg

Easter Buffet Dance
Saturday 8 April


Home Team Match
Saturday 15 April

Rayleigh Large.png

Rayleigh Festival
Sunday 30 April

Dancerama 23 Click Here.jpg

Dancerama 2023
Sunday 21 May


Blackpool 2023
8th & 9th July


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