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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a dancing partner to learn to dance at CDC?

No you don't! Here at the Chelmsford Dance Centre, we cater for couples and singles alike. On classes, there are usually spare partners and trainee teachers and/or CDC Dance Hosts to accommodate. If you have opted to take our private lessons, you will have a teacher to dance with anyway!


Where is the best place to park?

We have our own car park specifically for staff and clients.  As you arrive at the studio, you will see an entrance to the left of the front doors.  Just drive in there and park!  Easy.

What happens if I miss a class?

Usually, the class structure is such that a portion of each class is devoted to revising the week before’ s work. However, if you feel disadvantaged by absence, we recommend booking a private lesson with one of the studio's instructors. Usually, the cost of a private lesson is comparable to the cost of one class session for the average couple, and so they need not break the bank.


What happens if I join the class and find I do not like it?

We operate a “Money Back Guarantee”, so even if you paid for the course and did not enjoy the experience by the end of your first week with us, we offer a full refund with no quibbles.


Your Strictly Come Dancing for Beginners runs on three times a week. Can I just come to one or can I attend all three?

With our Strictly Come Dancing Stage 1 classes, we automatically give you access to all three classes for the eight weeks, Mondays at 1930, Wednesdays at 2030 and Thursdays at 1930.  You are more than welcome to come to any of these but are in no way obliged to.  We will book you on to all of them, but please feel free to ignore any reminders that you receive if you cannot attend.


What should I wear for dancing?

We have a very relaxed attitude to clothing and have a uniform T-shirt as part of your membership for our children's classes.   For Adults, we recommend smart casual wear, and for children - whatever they feel comfortable in.   It is always advisable to have a pair of proper dance shoes to get the best out of your newfound sport or hobby, and these are available from us, or directly from Supadance Shoes. Our staff are on hand to give shoe advice. Please feel free to ask.


How can I pay for my classes or lessons?

Payments for all goods and services are processed by our automated and fully encrypted secure payment system. Payment will be made by either by telephone, where we will set you up on the system, or by emailing an invoice for the service to you. When you have clicked the ‘Pay Now’ button, the system stores the details securely.

​Future invoices for goods and services will then be processed automatically using the lodged credit or debit card in advance of the service.

For your security, we can confirm we are regulated by the Data Commissioner with regards to our business, and fully compliant with GDPR. It is our aim to keep you and your details safe. We never share your details in any way, without your express permission.


The credit or debit card I use to make payments for my lessons or classes is due to expire, how do I update the details?

Just click here and you can update the detail securely.


Can I enter for Examinations and Medal Tests?

Yes. The studio is a member of all major dance societies, including the NATD, ISTD, IDTA & UKA. Examination sessions take place at least 3 times a year and incorporate all exams levels. Anyone is entitled to take part in these examination sessions. Please see a member of staff for more information.


I see that some classes are charged as a Monthly Subscription.  How does this work, and what happens if I miss some weeks?

Where we run Monthly Subscription Classes, these are charged at a monthly rate, and the charge has been calculated to take into account things such as Bank Holidays, and the occasional studio closed days, such as at Christmas and when the school attends the Blackpool National Finals in July each year.

You will receive an email notifying that the next subscription will be taken automatically 7 days prior to the renewal.  If for any reason you need to cancel your subscription, we ask that you do this by filling in our online cancellation form by clicking here no later than 20th of the month.

Once the subscription payment has processed on 1st of the month, the class has been booked for you, and no refunds can be given.

It is by following this way of working that we are able to keep the monthly costs low for you.


How do I go about booking Private Lessons?

Private lessons are available seven days a week with members of our Teaching Team.  Lessons can be booked as either 25-minute or 55-minute sessions, and they commence on the hour or on the half hour.

These can be booked by phone on 01245 473355 or via your Client Booking Portal.

There are two arrangements for Private Lessons.  You can book these as one-off or ad-hoc lessons, or we can arrange a regular weekly lesson for you at the same time every week.  Ad-Hoc or One-Off Private lessons may be booked up to three weeks ahead, whereas on-going weekly lessons are booked every week at the same time for you until you ask us to stop them.  The on-going lesson booking is the most popular type of booking. 

Once the lesson is booked, you will receive an email confirmation.  As a politeness, we also send a reminder the day before.  Payment for your Private Lesson is processed during the 48 hours prior to the lesson using our normal automated payment system.  Please remember that other people may also be in the studio at the same time having a private lesson with another teacher.


What happens if I need to cancel a Private Lesson?

This can be done on your client booking portal, or by calling 01245 473355.  Please remember that a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required, otherwise the lesson remains chargeable.

Lessons should not be cancelling by email, as if the staff member is off work for any reason, the cancelation will be timed as when the email is read, and this may not allow the correct notice period, and subsequently the lesson will still be chargeable.  It is always best to cancel on your client booking portal, or by telephone to avoid this.


How do I get a Client Booking Portal login?

A. It is simple.  Just go to and request one.  You will also see there is an option to reset your password as well.  Full instructions are also on this page.

How doe the CDC Membership Scheme work? 

We have a membership scheme for all clients aged 4 and above.  Being a member gives you access to discounts on prices for classes and lessons, which equates to approximately 33%, for adults, there is access to a number of free dance nights throughout the year, and for the under sixteens, we also throw in our CDC T-shirt, which is part of our under 16’s uniform.  In addition, adults also have use of the club bar as well.  The cost of membership is just £30 per year, and this money helps towards providing a comfortable studio environment for us all to dance in.


We always include a complimentary 4-week membership from your first lesson or class, and we email you to check that you are happy to continue with your annual membership.


If at anytime you would prefer to opt-out of the membership scheme, just let us know and we will set it to a non-renewal basis.  Obviously, the cost of lessons and classes reverts to non-members prices from the date of the expiry.


Are there any career opportunities for me?

We are always looking to expand our highly motivated and competent team of professional instructors. Please feel free to talk to us about this at any time.

If there is anything you'd like to know that's not covered above, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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