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Strictly Air Ambulance 2018

Head Judge Phil got to dance with daughter Elise being part of the fabulous team that were involved with this great annual event again for the 9th consecutive year.

​The event, which came about as a initial suggestion from Zara and was then was worked on at a chance meeting with Phil and a young lady called Jane Gurney who worked in the Air Ambulance back then.

A couple of years later Jane had risen to become the CEO of the Essex and Hearts Air Ambulance, and the idea was then put into being.  For the first 2 years, the event was fronted completely by the students of the Chelmsford Dance Centre. 

Phil explains "Back then, other professionals were reluctant to get involved in such a new and radical idea.  Once they had seen the results of the plan put in action, they all wanted to be involved.” 

9 years on it is one of the largest events of its kind, with "strictly" based fund raisers popping up all over the UK as a result for many different charities. 

Some of the professionals involved with Phil & Jane for the event include Daren Bennet and Lillia Koplova, Ian Waite, James and Orla Jordan, Karen Clifton, Kevin Cliftton, Giovanni Pernice, Pasha Kovalev, Gleb Savchenko, Janette Manrara, Katya Virshilas, and many others.

This years Strictly Stars were Gorka Marquez and Dianne Buswell.

Phil goes on to say “There is now have a waiting list of professional dancers and teachers wanting to be part of this great idea!  Funny how such a great idea can come from a crazy idea by Mrs M and then a totally chance meeting. It feels like a child that has come of age, and although it has totally outgrown my own expectations, and has an entire professional team putting it together and running the night, including many great broadcast friends and colleagues including Su Harrison from Heart FM and the legend that is Paul Kitchener dealing with music production, they still get me back ever year to be head judge.  I find myself looking on like an immensely proud father”


This years event raised over £20,300 to keep the Air Ambulance in the sky above Essex and Hertfordshire.

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