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Nikki Bull
Dance Coach

Nikki Bull.jpg

Nikki has been dancing since the age of nine years old with both Phil and Pat being two of her first-ever teachers. She competed as a juvenile, junior and adult, reaching gold bar standard.


After taking a break to go to university and pursue a career in tourism, she soon realised that dancing would always be in her heart and so 8 years ago decided to go back to her first true love - Dancing!!


She is honoured to have the opportunity to join the team at Chelmsford Dance Centre and work with two of her childhood mentors, who both played a huge part in the reason why dancing is her biggest passion! 

There is a joy that dancing brings to her that there are no words for, and Nikki is very excited to be able to now share this joy with others!

Nikki is currently specializes in lessons up to and including Bronze levels.


You can contact Nikki by calling 01245 473355

Or by email

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