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Second Hand Dance Gear

All profits from sales will go into our "Keep Dancing" fund.

If you would like to try any of these items on, please let us know.

All items can be posted out if required.

White zipped latin shirt: age 13/14, £30

Black Latin shirt with stones: £50 (no size given)

3 pairs DSI trousers style 1072: Age 12, Age 13 & Age 14 £45

DSI trousers style 1071: £45 (no size given)

DSI trousers Style 1068 with pleats, belt loops and satin stripe £45 (no size given)

Black zipped latin shirt: Size Small, £30

White buttoned shirt £30 (no size given) (some fake tan stains)

Supadance 7500 size 5 1/2 £30 ballroom shoe 

Supadance 8800 (no size given) latin shoe £30 x2 pairs both are different sizes 

International Latin shoe (no size given) £50

International ballroom show (no size) £50

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