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Contacting The Studio

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We have invested heavily in an advanced phone system which allow efficient call routing.  In addition to the studio reception and office, we also operate from two other external offices which are off-site.  Where possible calls are routed off-site first to allow lessons and classes to continue uninterrupted as much as possible.  Even information regarding events may be accessed by through the system using recorded messages.  These are very helpful.  There are however times when you just need to speak with a human – and we understand that.  Therefore, there are also options to enable this to happen easily.  Just follow the menu prompts.

Electronic communication is just a natural and normal part of life now, and this also helps us to concentrate on teaching when required.  Each of our teachers have their own email address and they are encouraged to reply as soon as is practically possible to any communications.  More senior staff also have direct dial numbers, these are displayed on the website.  If the staff member is teaching,  these calls go straight to voicemail, and the teacher is notified that you have left a message.  Once again, they are asked to reply to you at the earliest opportunity.
In addition there is always the option to message us via Facebook or even using the online chat function built in to our website.  Again, we aim to reply as quickly as we can – but sometimes we are all teaching, so please bear with us.


Emails are an integral part of modern life - in fact, we all live by them these days.  We make a point of keeping our dance family updated and in touch with all that is going on, however we do also try and keep this to a minimum and are as concise as we can be, without losing the important messages.  Please keep an eye out for our emails, and if possible check they have not  landed up in your spam folders, as we would hate for you to miss out any important information.

Alternatively, the CDC website is updated usually at least once a day, so that is always a great place to go for information if you need it. We also have a Facebook page with updates and important news.  

Our full terms and conditions can be found at

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