Chelmsford Dance Centre Limited

Terms of Business


1. General

The Club shall be called “CDC” and shall be proprietary club owned by Chelmsford dance centre limited (thereafter called “The Owner”) located at 3 the old coachworks, 38 church street ,great Baddow ,Chelmsford, Essex and administered by the manager of the club (The “Manager”)or by such person as the owner shall nominate


 2. Membership

Persons wishing to become full time members of the Club shall complete the official application form and submit the form to the Club Manager.

Further application may be obtained by the Club. Each application form must be accompanied by the relevant joining fee and annual subscription. Absolute discretion is granted by the Owner and the Manager to reject and application or renewal for membership without ascribing any reason for  so doing; in such cares any Moines sent will be immediately  refund . On acceptance of an application, the applicant will receive a Member ship card, which will remain the property of the owner and upon the termination of membership for whatever reason will be returnable to the owner on demand.  Members are responsible for collecting their own Membership Cards from the club membership is non- transferable from person to person, and fees are not refundable.



3. Subscriptions

(i) Subscription are payable at the full year rate, and are applicable to full year, or part year that the member has joined


(ii)  The annual subscription, entry fee charges for individuals’ facilities shall be such amounts as the Owner in its sole discretion shall determine from time to time 


4. Club Faculties and Usage 

(i)Members should be suitably attired whilst using the facilities and only appropriate and proper dance shoes may be worn when dancing on the Clubs dance floor.


(ii)For insurance purposes, all Members must produce their Membership Cards to gain entry to the centre.


(iii) Only food and drinks purchased from the club Bar may be consumed on the premises


(iv) Payment for all classes and lessons shall be made prior to the commencement of the class or lesson.


(v) In the case of private or personal lessons, a minimum notice period of 48 hours must be given to the club for cancellations by members. Otherwise the full fee will remain payable. Please also note that that whilst we endeavour to keep regular slots available for members. We can only guarantee to hold a lesson slot available for a maximum period of three weeks.


5. Owners liability

The owner and its employees will not be liable in any way for the loss of, or damage to, the property of members, or for personal injury to, our death of, any member expect to the extent that such loss, damage personal injury or death arises from the wilful act, neglect or default of the Owner or any of its employees or agents.


6. Termination of membership

The owner or the management in their absolute discretion and without giving any reason therefore, may at any time terminate the membership of any member. It shall be at the sole discretion of the owner weather or not a member’s subscription shall be repayable to him or her in whole or in part in any case of termination of membership.


7. Closing if the club

The owner shall have the power and right at any time upon one months notice to members to discontinue the club upon refunding to members the un-expired portion of their current subscription


7a. course payment policy

Please be aware of our policy regarding course bookings and payments.

Enrolment onto courses is strongly recommended, as this will confirm your place as booked.


We cannot guarantee availability of places unless advanced enrolment has been effected.

•          Enrolment can only be made with full payment.

•          There are no discounts for joining a class after the start date.

•          Please be aware that courses are both non-transferable and non- refundable


8. Compliance with rules

 The owner in its sole discretion may at any time vary the rules or any entry fee or membership subscription or any of the charges for the use of any or all the facilities. Notice of such variation shall be given to members by exhibition thereof on the Club is notice board. Members will further comply with any direction, which the Manager may give to ensure the smooth operation of the Club, the use of the facilities and the convenience of all members. The Manager whose decision shall be final and binding on all members shall determine any dispute or difference that may arise regarding the interpretation of these Rules

9. COVID-19 Lockdown Arrangements

All our services will take place at the above address, unless in the event of temporary closure by Government. In this event, all services will immediately move to our online club. All joining details and passwords will be sent to clients via email.  It is our paramount intention to continue uninterrupted service as much as possible whilst ensuring the full safety of both our clients and staff and we thank you in advance for your patience and flexibility should this situation arise.