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How our Membership system works


We operate as a club, and as such have two types of membership, Trial Membership and Full membership.

Trial Membership
This is automatically given to anyone joining us for their first class or lesson and lasts 4 weeks.  This enables you to benefit from our member's prices for services for that period and use of the club bar as well.

Full Membership
At the end of the 4 weeks, you will receive an email offering you the opportunity to purchase a full 12 month membership for just £30, which ensures you continue to receive the benefits already stated including free tickets for our members nights that we hold (usually up to 6 a year, which would normally cost £8 each)
Junior membership (for under 16’s) also includes a free personalised T-Shirt with the child’s name on it, which forms our uniform on our Home Ed, Peanuts, and  Rockers Clubs. These can be ordered through our website - or by clicking here.

For your convenience, your annual membership is renewed automatically for you, until you tell us that you would like to cancel for the following year.  Please email if you wish to cease your automatic renewal at any time.

Club Etiquette
As a family-run business, we pride ourselves on being well-mannered dancers and uphold wherever possible a really simple and straightforward common-sense standard.  This helps to maintain a friendly club atmosphere that we as a school are well known for, where everyone may enjoy their dancing throughout the years in a comfortable environment.  Most of these etiquettes are very common within the dance industry, and your teachers have been literally brought up with these instilled, as most of us have danced since a very early age.

Some of the more obvious ones are: -
Wherever possible we encourage people to have a regular reoccurring weekly lesson at the same time each week, as this is by far the most productive way to learn..  If this is not possible, or if you prefer to book lessons ad-hock or maybe every few weeks, you can do this by either phoning the office on 01245 473355 or by using our Client Booking portal via our website.  This will allow you to book lessons up to 3 weeks ahead or, if you have a regular booking, you can also manage these bookings this way at your convenience.  If you need help setting this up, please let us know.

When sharing the studio floor, it is usual custom to be working on the stationary dances or technique in the centre of the floor, which leaves the outside, or “Line of Dance” available to clients dancing the progressive dances.  Your teacher will usually help you with this when you start lessons.

Please always ensure you are correctly attired.  Generally, “smart casual” is the order of the day.

For 4 - 16 years classes, children are required to wear the CDC t shirt to all classes. These are in included in their annual membership and can also be purchased separately on our website.

Dance shoes are recommended.

Competitors should wear practise wear and correct dance shoes to all private lessons, team classes, and practise.

Proper good quality dance shoes will be needed for dancers at SCD3 and above.  This is both to protect our world-class standard floor, as well as the safety of other dancers should they be accidentally trod on.  Ladies – pleased make sure you are using heel-protectors as well please, as this very much reduces the risk of injury.

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