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Elise Meacham

Trainee Teacher

Elise 2024.jpg


You can contact Elise by calling her direct line 01245 332012,via the office on 01245 473355

Or by email

Elise Meacham's journey in the world of dance began practically from the cradle, as she has been a fixture in the studio since she was just one week old. With parents like Phil and Zara, both seasoned dance professionals, Elise has absorbed the nuances of the dance world since infancy.

Despite her young age, Elise boasts an impressive repertoire of achievements, having completed examinations as both a medalist and a competitor. Now, she is on a trajectory toward becoming a fully qualified dance teacher, a path she navigates with determination and grace.

Growing up under the tutelage of her parents, who are not only dance teachers but also hold prestigious roles as a National Examiner and International Adjudicator, Elise is no stranger to rigorous training. Yet, she embraces the challenge with the same passion and dedication that defines her family legacy. Indeed, she is already proving to be a chip off the old block, embodying the same commitment to excellence that runs in her lineage.

Currently pursuing her studies in Music at Cardiff University, Elise remains deeply connected to her roots at CDC. Whenever she returns home, she eagerly takes on the role of teacher, imparting her knowledge and love for dance to the next generation of dancers. With her unwavering dedication and innate talent, Elise is poised to make her mark on the dance world, carrying forward the legacy of her family with pride and distinction.

Elise is available to teach up to all exam and competitive grades.

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