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Dance Examinations

The Chelmsford Dance Centre holds regular examination centres per year in conjunction with the NATD, ABD, ISTD & IDTA. CDC is also a major Exam Centre for the South East.


The associations have a series of medal examinations aimed at all ages. These tests are relatively inexpensive and non-time consuming. Each candidate dances their examination dance/s with one of the teaching staff in front of an examiner for approximately three minutes. The examiner will mark a report form giving helpful and encouraging advice on how the pupil can develop further.  This report form together with your certificate and medal will be sent ti the studio a few weeks afterwards.


All candidates will be required to take the pre-test in front of our principal who himself an examiner so that helpful comments and advice can be offered prior to the main examination to enable high-quality preparation, to hopefully help you to achieve a better result in the main examination. There is no charge for this pre-test.


Examination sessions and Pre-Tests are usually held on a Sunday.  As a general rule of thumb, the examinations and pre-tests fall between 0900 and 1500.

Please remember that we are unable to accommodate specific time requests.  If you are planning to take an exam, please keep the date free!

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