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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need a dancing partner to learn to dance at CDC?

A. No you don't!  Here at the Chelmsford Dance Centre, we cater for couples and singles alike. On classes, there are usually spare partners and trainee teachers to accommodate. If you have opted to take our private lessons you will have a teacher to dance with anyway!

Q. What happens if I miss a class?

A. Usually, the class structure is such that a portion of each class is devoted to revising the week before's work. However, if you feel disadvantaged by absence, we would recommend booking a private lesson with one of the studio's instructors. Usually, the cost of a private lesson is comparable to the cost of one class session for the average couple, and so they need not break the bank.


Q. What happens if I join the class and find I do not like it?

A. We operate a “Money Back Guarantee”, so even if you paid for the course and did not enjoy the experience by the end of the first week, we offer a full refund with no quibbles.


Q.  Your Strictly Come Dancing for Beginners runs on three times a week.  Can I just come to one or can I attend all three?

A. With our Strictly Come Dancing Stage 1 classes, we automatically give you access to all three classes for the eight weeks, Mondays at 1930, Wednesdays at 2030 and Thursdays at 1930.  You are more than welcome to come to any of these but are in no way obliged.  We will book you on to all of them, but please feel free to ignore any reminders that you receive if you cannot attend.


Q. What should I wear for dancing?

A. We have a very relaxed attitude to clothing and do not use set uniforms for our children's classes.   For Adults, we recommend smart casual wear, and for children - whatever they feel comfortable in.   It is always advisable to have a pair of proper dance shoes to get the best out of your new found sport or hobby, and these are available from us, or directly from Supadance Shoes. Our staff are on hand to give shoe advice. Please feel free to ask.


Q. How do I pay for my classes or lessons?

A.  All payments are made in advance using a highly secure encrypted system.  Once your debit card is logged with us securely, payments may be made automatically.  We do not have facilities at the studio to make payments.  For all payment-related questions, please call us on 010245 473355.

Q. Can I enter for Examinations and Medal Tests?

A. Yes. The studio is a member of all major dance societies, including the NATD, ISTD, IDTA, ABD & UKA. Examination sessions take place at least 3 times a year and incorporate all exams levels. Anyone is entitled to take part in these examination sessions. Please see a member of staff for more information.


Q. Are there any career opportunities for me?

A. We are always looking to expand our highly motivated and competent team of professional instructors. Opportunities exist within the Chelmsford Dance Centre. Please feel free to talk to us about this at any time.


If there is anything you'd like to know that's not covered above, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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