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Friday Night is Party Night!

CDC is so much more than just a dance studio. Great friendships are built within our four walls. Not only do we dance together but we socialise together. The staff and the pupils are a family.

We may not be able to see each other in the usual way, but we will not let that stop us!

So this Friday at 7.30 pm, its all-round to Hannah's (virtually of course!!!) for a Friday night get together.

Just download the zoom app, its all completely free and join us by clicking on the link below. You will then be in the CDC online waiting room and we will let you in when we are ready to kick-off!

Bring your own drinks and nibbles 


Link for Game One


Link for Game Two


  • Click on the links to generate your bingo cards.  

  • Once the card has been generated, if you right-click on the white space next to the card it will give you the option to print.  If you don’t have access to a printer copy the grid and numbers on your card onto a piece of paper.

  • As the system only generates one card each time, If there is more than one person participating in your household you will need to click the link again and a different playing card will be generated (you will need to do this each time you want to generate a card for a player).

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How To Use Zoom
A very easy platform for you to join on a phone, iPad tablet or PC.In case you need a quick tutorial to get set up for the first time, click here

These are incredibly tough times for so many, especially those that are self-employed, and the future may seem very uncertain.

​We have therefore today, set up the Chelmsford Dance Centre ‘Keep Dancing’ fund.

​Any money donated over the coming weeks will be used to help keep those people that will still be suffering financial hardship after this to continue theirs or their children’s dancing once we are back in our lovely studio.

We would like to say a big thank you to those people that have already shown amazing generosity, it completely blew us away - THANK YOU

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