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Chelmsford Dance Centre Health and Safety Policy

Effective Date:11 January 2024

1. Policy Statement

Chelmsford Dance Centre is committed to ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of all employees, students, visitors, and anyone else affected by our activities. This policy outlines our commitment to providing a safe and healthy environment and complying with relevant health and safety legislation.

2. Responsibilities

2.1 Management:

  • The management team is responsible for providing leadership in health and safety matters.

  • Ensuring that adequate resources are allocated to maintain health and safety standards.

  • Regularly reviewing and updating the health and safety policy.

2.2 Employees:

  • Employees must adhere to health and safety guidelines provided by the Chelmsford Dance Centre.

  • Report any hazards, incidents, or concerns promptly to the management.

  • Cooperate with the implementation of health and safety measures.

2.3 Instructors:

  • Instructors are responsible for the safety of their students during classes.

  • Provide clear instructions on safe dance practices.

  • Report any equipment issues promptly.

3. Risk Assessment

3.1 Conduct regular risk assessments to identify and mitigate potential hazards, including:

  • Floor surfaces

  • Equipment safety

  • Emergency exits and procedures

  • First aid provisions

4. Emergency Procedures

4.1 Establish and communicate clear emergency procedures for:

  • Fire evacuation

  • First aid response

  • Reporting incidents and accidents

5. Training and Information

5.1 Provide health and safety training for all employees, focusing on:

  • Safe dance practices

  • Proper use of equipment

  • Emergency procedures

5.2 Ensure that all employees are aware of the location of first aid facilities and trained personnel.

6. First Aid and Medical Provisions

6.1 Maintain well-equipped first aid kits at accessible locations.

6.2 Keep updated records of staff members trained in first aid.

7. Hygiene and Cleanliness

7.1 Maintain clean and hygienic facilities, including:

  • Regular cleaning of dance floors and equipment

  • Proper disposal of waste

8. Reporting and Investigating Incidents

8.1 Establish a system for reporting and investigating incidents and near misses.

8.2 Learn from incidents to prevent their recurrence.

9. Review and Revision

9.1 Regularly review and update the health and safety policy to ensure its effectiveness.

9.2 Consult with employees and instructors for feedback and improvement suggestions.

10. Compliance with Legislation

10.1 Comply with all relevant health and safety legislation and regulations.

This health and safety policy will be communicated to all employees and stakeholders. The successful implementation of this policy requires the cooperation and commitment of everyone associated with Chelmsford Dance Centre.



11 JANUARY 2024

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