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The CDC 

"Keep Dancing"


These are incredibly tough times for so many people, especially those that are self-employed, and the future may seem very uncertain.


​We therefore, set up the Chelmsford Dance Centre ‘Keep Dancing’ fund when we were plunged into lockdown back in mid-March, which we shall be matching all donations pound-for-pound.

​Any money we raise from our online classes, lessons or donations whilst in lock-down will be used to help keep those people that will still be suffering financial hardship after this to continue theirs or their children’s dancing once we are back in our lovely studio.

​We are hoping that people with a regular income and if you feel able to, will pay a small fee, whilst those with no income at present, please just join us for free.

The following people have already donated to our "Keep Dancing"


(some even opting to donate on a weekly basis)

On behalf of the people who will benefit, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

* * Update * * 

We have now reached over £1000 thanks to your generosity.  This money will fund people's dancing after lockdown who have been badly affected, and would otherwise have to stop dancing.  Thank you so much.

Dylan Maltby

Suzy Cooper

Anthony Edwards

Renata Zbyszynska

Emma Armitage

Gavin Mileman

Tracey Perkins

Jackie Ellis

Eleanor Douglas

Lydia Carter

Peter & Brenda Evans

Lauren Boydell

Kitty Westacott

Fiona Watson

Helen Reffell

Esme Harris

Lee Carmichael

Iris O'Byrne

Heidi & Matilda Neila-Farmer

Ashley Warren

Alice Teatino

Megan Smith

Mia Smith

"The Boulters"

Hannah Scott

Simon Hepworth

Christina & Lee Purcell

Olivia & Caitlyn Purcell

Garry Greenway & Jayne Reeman

Sarah Catlin

Alison Connolly

Melanie Medniuk

Debbie Snashall

​On behalf of the people in your “Dance Family” who will benefit, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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