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Martin Adkins
Teaching Assistant

Martin Adkins.jpeg

You can contact Martin by calling

01245 473355

Or by email

Lessons can be booked using your CDC Client Portal (click here)

Martin's journey with dance began in 1977, when he was just eleven years old. Inspired by the iconic moves of John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever," Martin's love for dance ignited. He persuaded his parents to enrol him in his local dance school, where he discovered his passion for ballroom and Latin American dancing. From there, his journey took him to competitions across the country and Europe.

When Martin met his wife Dawn, and started a family, Martin took a break from dancing to focus on his career and family, his love for the art never faded. Then when Dawn was introduced to the dance floor, it became obvious that she also shared his passion for dance, reignited his spark for the dance floor. Together, they have shared countless magical moments dancing as partners.

For Martin, Samba is the ultimate source of happiness on the dance floor. His dedication to dance goes beyond personal enjoyment; he aspires to share his enthusiasm and knowledge as a teaching assistant. With his experience and love for dance,


Martin aims to inspire and guide newcomers on their own dance journeys.

Martin teaches up to and including PSDT3 levels, and specialises in training beginners for their first examinations and starters competitions.

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