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Elise Meacham

Trainee Teacher

Elise White Dress.jpg

Elise Meacham has literally grown up dancing, having been in the studio since being 1 week old!

Elise, being Phil & Zara's daughter knows more about the dance world than most young ladies of her age having completed her examinations as a medalist and as a competitor, and is now on the road to being a fully qualified dance teacher.


 Needless to say the training is harsh - as you would expect when you are the daughter of two dance teachers, especially when Dad is a National Examiner and International Adjudicator.  Will Elise be a chip off the old block?  She already is!

Elise is currnetly studying Music at Cardiff University (where else for music!) but teachers back at CDC whenever she is home!


You can contact Elise by calling 01245 473355

Or by email

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