Our Foifth Online Fully Interactive Competition

 Sunday 25 October 2020 at 2.30 pm


Log On via Zoom using the link below and enjoy the show!



Andrew Cuerden

One of the original professional stars of Strictly Come Dancing and top competitive coach Andrew has had a fantastic career to date since moving to the UK from his native Zimbabwe.  A very familiar face on the Blackpool judging panel, Andrew has been a great friend since he first bumped into Phil  back in 1997 – when Phil was lecturing, dressed as a 6-foot Kangeroo.  Now, that is a story for another day!

Paul Killick

Former World Champion Paul has done it all!  The ladies will remember him as being the first Strictly Professional to adorn the floor shirtless and sent pulses racing setting the tone for the Strictly we see today.  Paul spends his time between the USA and the UK, and was the director and owner of the Arthur Murray flagship studio in Beverley Hills.  Paul is a massive supporter of dance teachers right across the world and now runs the “Killick Klassik” dance competition – one of the most star-studded events anywhere in the world.

One of the world’s top and hottest Profesional competitors and coaches, who Phil once described when comparing a top event in London as “a beautiful Ukrainian lady who simply smoulders with power and ouses musicality”.  Viktorya has competed worldwide and knows the competitive world well as both a dancer and top coach, and is very well known for not holding back with her critique.  So, stand by for fireworks!

Viktoriya Wilton

Robin Windsor

Robin Windsor is one of the most known faces from the recent Strictly Come Dancing series, and is a proper “dance school” boy through and through, having cut his teeth in the medalist world with the NATD, having been taught by the late and very great Olga Wilmott.

Robin has competed professionally in almost every international arena and was partnered with fellow Strictly dancer Kristina Rhianoff for many years, and toured in his own show just about everywhere you can imagine.

Having been one of the most famous dancers on the floor, he brings together the strong competitive styling and glitz with good solid and deep routed basic actions.

A new show is already planned at the Garrick Theatre in London from January.  Watch out for “Here Come The Boys” as soon as we get COVID clearance!


Under 8 years

Cha Cha Cha

12 - 15 Years


9 - 11 years


Adult Under 35 Years

Cha Cha Cha

Adult Over 35 Years


Adult Over 50 Years


Closing Date for Uploads - 21 October

Entry Fee £5 (paid to your school)


CDC Pupils - for ease and convenience, we shall add your entry fee to your next automated invoice, once you have uploaded your clip.