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What To Do At A Competition or Medalist Festival

Competition Entry 

  • Download the event list, which shows the event numbers. 

  • Make sure you have entered for the competition via our website – each competitor needs to complete the form separately.  If the competition is a Medallist event, you will need to know your grade for Ballroom and your grade for Latin, and possibly the date of your last examinations. 

  • Once you have completed your entry form, it may be downloaded as a PDF for printing at the end of the process for your records.  We would recommend doing this in case you forget what events you have entered.  Make a note of the event numbers you are taking part in. 

  • Please look for your invoice and pay before the closing date. If payment is not received by the due date, we will be unable to accommodate your entry.  “Off-Site” events are usually invoiced to you through PayPal.  In-House events will be collected from your CDC account.  This will be made clear at the end of the form submission process. 

  • Please remember to collect your wristbands from the studio in the week leading up to the event. 


On the day of the competition 

  • Please arrive on time. 

  • Collect your number from the teachers – please bring safety pins and use at least two pins to stop the number rotating. 

  • Listen out for your own events – Your teacher will do their best to help you, but it is your responsibility to make sure you are ready and waiting for your event. It helps if you can have your own copy of the events list, this can be found on our website. 

  • Please make sure you are standing ready to dance at least 1 event prior to the event you are due to dance in, or if you are hoping to be recalled.  It is important for your circulation that you do not just jump up from a seated position and go straight out and dance. 

  • Please bear in mind that the teachers and staff are under huge stress to make sure the people they are dancing with do as well as possible, and have many routines to remember, and any additional time will be used to support first-time competitors. 

  • If you have made a final, please make sure you are ready to go up and collect your award – ideally in the outfit you competed in for the photo–lineup opportunity. 

  • We strongly encourage buddying up experienced competitors with newer competitors.  If you would like to act as an experienced buddy to a newer competitor, please let us know before the day. 

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