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Zoe Farrelly
Dance Coach


Zoe has been passionate about dance since the tender age of 3 and has attained a first-class degree in dance performance.


Her diverse dancing knowledge encompasses a wide range of styles, including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Commercial, and, most significantly, Ballroom and Latin.


Zoe has undergone intensive training in ISTD since the age of 3, honing her skills in Ballroom and Latin dancing to perfection.


She has gained considerable experience performing in various productions, including the roles of Sandy in Grease and Sleeping Beauty in a pantomime production. Zoe's training has instilled in her a deep passion for dance, particularly Ballroom and Latin, and Musical Theatre.


We are thrilled to have Zoe joining the CDC Staff Team and are looking forward to the wonderful contribution she will make to our Ballroom and Latin program.


You can contact Zoe by calling 01245 473355

Or by email

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