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Guidance for your safe return

The safety of both our clients and staff is paramount to us all.  We are, however, acutely aware that dance lessons are supposed to be an enjoyable experience and in no way stressful of frightening!  Therefore we have put systems in place to ensure both your safety and comfort.

It is hoped that as time progresses, measures will be able to be relaxed for us all in the somewhat crazy world we are in at the moment.  I feel sure you will be delighted to know we are always Government lead in our advice for your safety and security rather than following any element of media hype, and as such will be implementing the required and in so many ways “common sense” measures to ensure your safety:-


  • Please only enter the studio a maximum of 5 minutes before your lesson time. This will ensure that the client before you has left the space and we have time to clean surfaces before you come in.


  • We are trying to minimize the number of people in the studio, so we ask parents to drop children with us and then wait outside for the duration of the lesson (we promise to take good care of them!)


  • We will be taking your temperature on arrival with an infrared thermometer. (If your temperature is above 38 degrees C we will be unable to continue with the lesson).


  • There are arrows and markings on the floor in reception to aid social distancing, and we have created two waiting areas where shoes can be changed before you being invited on to the studio floor by your teacher when the lesson is due to start.


  • We have automatic hand sanitizers that we ask you to use before and after lessons.


  • Try to limit your belongings to one bag and a drink and take all items with you to the side of the floor when you leave the waiting area.


  •  There will be no changing facilities for the time being so, please arrive ready to dance.


  • Toilet facilities will be available but please only use these if absolutely necessary as they will need to be sanitized after use.


  • As a precaution and as a courtesy to others, we ask you please to wear a face-covering or mask when entering and exiting the studio. 

  • Face coverings are at your discretion during your lessons and classes. We have supplied visors and masks to all staff – if you would feel more comfortable with your teacher using them for your lessons, please feel relaxed enough to say.  They are happy to do whatever makes you feel as comfortable as possible during this period of transition.


  • At the end of your lesson, we ask you to leave promptly in order for us to clean and prepare for the next lesson. Please do not think we don’t want to chat – far from it – but we want to make the environment as safe as we possibly can for us all.


  • And finally, Please do not come into the studio if you or a member of your household has any of the following symptoms: a fever, a new continuous cough or a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia).

We shall be reviewing all procedures and systems weekly to ensure and balance your safety and comfort in

equal measure.



If you are in any way unsure, please let us know by calling 01245 473355.

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